Tracking brand reputation on a budget

By July 24, 2014No Comments

Running a brand tracking study often means drowning in complex data and spending lots of money, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Survata allows companies to perform simple brand tracking studies, asking a few core questions, that provide meaningful and statistically significant findings. Performing a regular study for as little as $1000 per quarter can give insight to how your reputation is evolving, or clue you in on any aspect of how consumers view your brand.

For example, a business might want to gauge the longer term payoffs of a new PR campaign. By asking questions concerning brand trust or favorability on a regular basis, companies can measure whether their efforts are moving the needle. Obviously, brand reputation can fluctuate with things like current events, emerging competition, or company news. By staying on top of key numbers, brands can take preventative measures before experiencing a full-on PR disaster. A tracking study can also be useful for small companies, as tracking brand awareness can help evaluate company growth in comparison to the competition. Survata makes performing periodic market research easy and affordable, and allows you to track your brand without the hassle of hiring a large consulting firm.

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