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Upwave Launches Customer Forecast Industry-First Metric
 Upwave, the leading brand analytics platform for marketers, today announced the launch of its new platform feature Customer Forecast, designed to give brand marketers the most comprehensive ...
The 4 S’s: Identifying Datasets Marketers Can Use for Brand Measurement
By reviewing data from the last few years about what CMOs want, we observed the emergence of the 4 S's: consumer sentiment, share of search, social media listening, and market share measured by sales.
Digital Ad Dollars Shift To CTV -- And Other 2022 Predictions
Connected TV is set to grab ad dollars from digital budgets, not just linear TV -- and benefit from "super-aggregation," evolved measurement, and a focus on quality advertising over volume, according ...
9 martech predictions for 2022
Marketing tech execs predict the biggest trends in the space for the coming year.. From Campaign US
Upwave and Ibotta Announce Data Integration
Marketers will have an easier time connecting their brand investment to impact on market share now that Upwave, the leading brand analytics platform for marketers, has formed an alliance with Ibotta
CTV analytics will be revolutionized—and other 2022 predictions
They will also be more efficiently measured, connected and diverse.
CTV is Fueling the 'Performance Branding' Boom
Brand marketing is changing, here’s how disciplined marketers can take advantage.
Finding the Future of Measurement with Cohorts - Advertising Week
The history of innovation follows a familiar pattern: New technology comes along that improves our quality of life—like the car—then time reveals its unintended consequences, and innovators jump ...
Upwave Invests to Expand Its Full Suite of Brand Analytics Solutions
Upwave, the leading analytics platform for brand marketers, announced today that it is expanding its platform by adding new search analytics capabilities. The newly expanded capabilities are the ...
Upwave Expands Brand Analytics Suite With Product Acquisition Of Search Technology
Brand analytics platform Upwave has acquired the search analytics technology and code base from Croft Analytics, a marketing science consultancy.
Promoting the COVID-19 Vaccine: A Defining Ad Campaign for Modern History - Advertising Week
Every decade or so there is a public service ad campaign so iconic that it defines the time in which it was made. The new 'It's Up To You' campaign, aims to educate Americans about the COVID-19 ...
Crackle Plus Pushes CTV Measurement Capabilities | AdExchanger
Crackle Plus touted $2 billion worth of content and the launch of a new ad-supported network called “Chicken Soup for the Soul” during the NewFronts earlier this month. But as more ad dollars ...
Upwave Announces Launch of Customer Lift
Upwave, the leading analytics platform for brand marketers, today announced the launch of “Customer Lift”. The new offering means that marketers can now measure campaign impact across the entire ...
Going For The Big Spend: B2C Marketers Boosting Their Messaging Budgets
Almost all expect their spending on email, text and push to increase in 2021, MessageGears reports.
Upwave Expands Today Announced A Key Addition Board Of Directors
Upwave, the leading analytics platform for brand marketers whose enterprise clients include Verizon, Clorox, and American Express, today announced a key addition to its Board of Directors, as the ...
Ad Council and ad tech firms measure COVID-19 vaccine campaign effectiveness
The Ad Council is partnering with Kinetiq, TVSquared, Upwave and Ace Metrix on the national effort.. From Campaign US
Upwave Launches In-Flight Metric for CTV Campaigns
Outperformance Indicators allows for real-time optimization
As User-Level Tracking Falls Apart, Cohorts Offer An Exciting Measurement Alternative | AdExchanger
“Data-Driven Thinking” is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by Myles Younger, Senior Director of ...
What Can Political Pollsters Learn From Marketers To Improve Their Data? | AdExchanger
Baseball legend Yogi Berra once famously said, “It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” Berra wasn’t referring to the 2020 presidential election, of course, but the quote ...
Measuring CTV Ads Takes People & Data Science: Survata’s Kelly – Beet.TV
OAKLAND, CA - If a tree falls in a forest and market research is not in place to observe whether audiences saw it, did it really make a sound?Across advertising, brands and ...
Survata Adds CTV Audience Verification To Its Measurement Suite With Help From AKQA | AdExchanger
Survata, a brand analytics and insights platform has developed a product to automate the process of CTV audience targeting verification.
AKQA Applies A 'Performance Lens' To Brand Measurement | AdExchanger
Brand marketing is starting to get more measurable, and budgets are beginning to follow. Adidas, Topshop and others have been vocal about the need to spend more on brand building, and DTC brands also ...
Brand Loyalty Means Trust, Value And A Willingness To Pay More For Products
Brand intelligence company Survata measured consumer perceptions of traditional brands vs. their direct-to-consumer rivals, finding that consumers place much more loyalty, trust and value in ...
The 5G Revolution Already Presents Unique Challenges For Marketing Measurement | AdExchanger
"On TV And Video" is a column exploring opportunities and challenges in advanced TV and video.  Today’s column is written by Ken Archer, vice president of product at Survata. As a marketer, it’s ...
Digital brand-advertising measurement needs to mature to justify increasing spend
The unstoppable march of digital ad spend is a well-documented tale, with IAB recently noting “landmark” growth of more than 20% year over year. With many of the new dollars migrating from TV, ...
Survata Appoints Former Boost Media CEO To President, Ad Measurement
Survata's fast-growing ad measurement business grew 370% in 2018 vs. the prior year, prompting the company to create the new position. Tim Krozek, formerly Boost Media CEO, takes the role of ...
Survata, Oracle Team Up On Moat Analytics Integration
Survata and Moat will announce an integration Thursday that will give advertisers the ability to better understand how and if consumers hear their message.
It's not just you: 4 in 5 Americans stressed out from poor office communication
Poor company communication has not only led employees to feel more stressed, but also to resent their bosses.
Car-Buyers Want To Spend More Time With Salespeople, Study Says
Forget about the commonly held belief that consumers can’t stand car salesmen. A new study shows typical car buyers want to spend more time with their salespeople, and it demonstrates that ...
Survata To Measure Ad Impact On Hulu
Measurement and research firm Survata is now measuring the impact of video advertising on Hulu.
This 'Tiny' Fee Will Cost Over $10,000 in Your Lifetime -- Here's How to Avoid It
With so many banks and types of accounts to choose from, it’s no wonder many Americans don’t know how to select the best bank option for.
A shocking percentage of Americans don’t know the basics of banking — And it’s costing them
Most Americans have bank accounts -- but whether they have a good understanding of those accounts is up for debate.
Council Post: E-Commerce Trends And Insights For Planning Your 2019 Digital Marketing Strategy
With each passing year, technology continues to shift the way brands connect with customers. The first step is to identify the tools you will need, then find ways to use those tools to boost your own ...
Americans would choose money over popular one goal in 2019
Despite a booming economy and record low unemployment plenty of Americans are still concerned about their finances.
Brands are hiring specialists to run Amazon campaigns - Digiday
Advertisers want to take management of their Amazon ad campaigns in-house, and they're looking to hire people who can navigate Amazon's ad business.
Zappi partners with Survata to offer brands in-campaign brand lift measurement
Zappi's Ad Pulse measures and reports on the brand impact of metrics such as familiarity, awareness, consideration and usage.
Here’s what people are really doing with their Alexa and Google Home assistants
A survey of Alexa and Google Home users shows just how addictive these devices are -- and what's drawing users in.
7 outstanding tech tools for PR pros - PR Daily
Whether you work at an agency or in-house, keeping up with daily, weekly and quarterly demands can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there’s help. Web 2.0 has made the daily nuts and bolts of PR work ...
Amazon is coming for Google’s and Facebook’s most profitable business
When Amazon releases third-quarter results today, all eyes will be on its "other" revenue segment.
Google Shopping Actions Signs On Best Buy, Nike, Sephora
The partnerships with Best Buy, Nike and Sephora, announced just prior to the holiday season, allow retailers to serve products across Search, Assistant, and Express.
Some advertisers are moving half of their search budget from Google to Amazon, say ad industry ...
Advertisers are spending three to five times as much on Amazon ads this year as they did a year ago, and some are moving 50 percent of their old Google search budgets to Amazon search instead, ...
What Google Investments Tell Marketers About Its Search Roadmap
CB Insights estimates that about 86% of revenue overall comes from advertising, but rising ad costs, increased regulations, heightened competition, and a shift to mobile and voice are threatening ...
Google And Amazon's Competition Is A Win For Smaller E-Commerce Companies
Amazon has over two million sellers worldwide, but only about 100,000 sellers make $100,000 in profit a year. Cumulatively, those 100,000 sellers have paid $30 billion in commission to Amazon—and ...
Amazon's Forecast $4.6B In U.S. Ad Revenue Gives Marketers Reason To Increase Bids
Amazon will generate $4.61 billion in U.S. ad revenue in 2018, taking 4.15% of digital market share, estimates eMarketer. The analyst and data firm initially forecast $2.89 billion.
Survata Appoints Dyna Boen First President Of Market Research
Survata's first president of research, Dyna Boen, finds "onlyness" one of the strongest links to success. The word, which comes from the title of a book she is reading called "The Power of Onlyness" ...
Amazon now dominates Google in product search
In three years, the e-tailer passed the dominant search engine, with 90% of Amazon product views now coming from its own searches, according to a Jumpstart study.
Content Marketing Goof: Posting a 'Story' When Consumers Want a Coupon
A new survey finds a bit of common ground between marketers' priorities and consumers' preferences when it comes to content posted on social platforms.
65 small business ideas in 7 categories with 3 questions to help you decide
You’re motivated, excited, and (almost) ready. But, you’re also stumped. Discover 65 small business ideas and three must-answer questions to guide you.
Survata Secures $14 Million Series B Funding Led by Conductive Ventures
Survata, the top technology-powered advertising measurement and market research company, announced it has secured $14 million in Series B funding led by Conductive Ventures and joined by Industry ...
An Amazon Search Is Worth a Lot More Than a Google Search
Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) has become the No. 1 source for online product searches, besting Google and other search engines for several years now. The.
Amazon Prime Day Might Be Called Amazon Everywhere Day
Sales for the 2018 Amazon Prime Day set a new record with over 100 million products purchased. It is the biggest global shopping event in Amazon history.
Why Google Wouldn't Waste $3.3 Billion on Free Home Speakers | The Motley Fool
It’s a bizarre idea that shouldn’t be taken seriously.
People are wildly polarized on whether they trust Facebook
Getty ImagesPeople are super polarized about Facebook.A new Survata survey seen by Business Insider shows that people are massively polarized about whether
Digital Journal: A Global Digital Media Network
Digital Journal is a digital media news network with thousands of Digital Journalists in 200 countries around the world. Join us!
Why Aren’t College Students Learning Anything? | National Review
Professors don’t challenge them enough, nor do they challenge themselves.
Which YouTube Influencers Will Actually Make You Money (And Which Ones Won't)
In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn from an entrepreneur who grew his business by identifying YouTubers who have real influence over what people buy and working with them.
Here's Why 44% of Americans Tap Their Retirement Savings Early
Setting aside money in a 401k can be a smart way to save for retirement. Accessing your retirement account before you reach 59 and a half is never.
Inbound Vs. Outbound marketing: Does it really have to be a battle? - ClickZ
In the digital age customers expect brands to anticipate their needs and offer a unified experience across platforms and devices. To give buyers the personalization they expect, it’s important to ...
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Kleiner Perkins is an American venture capital firm headquartered on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park in Silicon Valley.
Amazon isn’t Google: Here’s how advertisers should approach it
Selling on Amazon requires a different approach than advertising on Google. Customers behave differently on each platform, the capabilities vary, and selling parameters are not the same.
Amazon is no longer bidding on Google shopping ads
After competing in auctions since late 2016, Amazon has stopped buying Google’s product listing ads (PLA), which show up at the top of Google searches and feature product images along with ...
Amazon is no longer bidding on Google shopping ads
After competing in auctions since late 2016, Amazon has stopped buying Google’s product listing ads (PLA), which show up at the top of Google searches and feature product images along with ...
A CTO perspective: When your CEO wants to become a platform company
Guest You can’t go one day without reading that “xyz” is a new platform startup or that established market leader “abc” is now a platform company. It’s the strategy du jour, lauded by ...
Four in 10 consumers scroll past and no longer trust social ads | ZDNet
Consumers are constantly distracted by digital media and content and are losing trust in brands, according to a new study.
Tech execs react to Mark Zuckerberg's apology: "I think he's sorry he has to testify"
Three tech executives react to the Facebook CEO's testimony and apology about his company's failure to protect users' information
Survey finds 42% of Americans will retire broke—here’s why
The 2018 Retirement Savings survey found that 42 percent of Americans have less than $10,000 saved, reports GOBankingRates.
Few Consumers Are Buying Directly from Social Ads
Social platforms can be discovery vehicles, but getting an individual to click on an ad—and ultimately purchase something right from it—isn't easy.
Study: 27% of social media users view ads more negatively
Perception of social advertising has stagnated or declined in the past year, Sprout Social found.
Native advertising pays off for Amazon | WARC
SAN DIEGO: A combined total of 90% of Amazon shoppers either don’t notice ads on the e-commerce site or find them useful and relevant, according to a new study which describes the outcome as native ...
Most Amazon shoppers don't notice ads
The company's marketing strength will continue to grow and evolve thanks to its Alexa voice assistant, according to research from CPC Strategy.  
Brands strive for authenticity as audiences turn a skeptical eye toward ads
Brands attempting to be "real" and "human" often make missteps that get them in trouble. Contributor Peter Minnium explains why this is important and how to get it right.
Google's Latest Attempt to Take on Amazon | The Motley Fool
Google wants to build a big database of every retailer's inventory.
State of Branding Report | 2019 Brand Marketing Insights
Brands embracing digital transformation don’t wait for change, they look for change.
Test your knowledge: Can you match these slogans and brands?
KFC's “Finger lickin’ good” edges Kay Jewelers' “Every kiss begins with Kay” for top spot in a brand recognition survey from research firm Survata.
3 Things Brands should do to Bring Maturity to Digital Advertising this Year
Chris Kelly, Founder and CEO, Survata, gives insights on how to improve digital advertising in general and programmatic in particular
What Will It Take For Bitcoin To Replace The Dollar In Everyday Transactions
60.3% of cryptocurrency holders see cryptocurrency volatility as the most important barrier of using cryptocurrencies in everyday transactions.
Is Amazon Marketing Services Already a $10 Billion Business?
In digital advertising, particularly in the United States, there are two companies: Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) and Google, the Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG).
4 Factors to Consider Before Selling on Amazon
As companies evaluate the opportunity of selling on Amazon, there are several factors to consider, including logistics, owning customer data, and more.
The Inertia Factor: Why Big Emailers Stay With Their ESPs
Many big emailers are unhappy with their ESPs. But they are reluctant to move, a study has found.
JPMorgan Chase develops algorithm for brand-safe ad placement on YouTube
Frustration with the video platform's sluggish response to concerns over ad placements prompted the bank brand to take matters into its own hands.
Survey Finds Amazon's Search Share Decreased |
Market research firm Survata found that Amazon's share of product search results had decreased in the last year, potentially opening doors for other retailers.
Amazon slipping in search
The priority that Google has set for mobile appears to be cutting into Amazon’s previous dominance, though the e-commerce giant still tops in search.
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Search engines are weakening Amazon’s hold on product search
Amazon's share of initial product searches dropped from 55% in 2016 to 49% in 2017, and search engines like Google appear to be responsible
Inaccurate Segments May Be Costing Advertisers Billions | AdExchanger
"Data-Driven Thinking" is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by Chris Kelly, founder and CEO at ...
Study: Search engines gain ground on Amazon for product research
Amazon is the first choice for 49% of consumers when searching for a product, but this is down from 55% in 2016. 
Trying to Maximize Holiday Profits? A New Survey Reports on the Challenges SMBs Like Yours Face.
The most common pain point among SMB owners at year's end? Twenty-one percent said late payments.
Google gains on Amazon with mobile commerce
Survata reveals that 36% of consumers use Google and other search engines to find products but that Amazon still holds the lead, with 49% turning to the site for their online product searching needs, ...
Google narrows search gap with Amazon, retailers left in dust Inc remains the top online destination for US shoppers seeking products, but Alphabet Inc’s Google and other search engines narrowed the gap over the past year.
Google Narrows Search Gap With Amazon, Retailers Left in Dust Inc. remains the top online destination for U.S. shoppers seeking products, but Alphabet Inc.’s Google and other search engines narrowed the gap over the past year.
Apple augments Pokémon, Stitch Fix IPO gains gone, Google gaining on Amazon
Pokémon going deeper on iPhone "Pokémon Go" is moving into a different dimension on the iPhone, thanks to software that allows the game to play new tricks with its menagerie of digital critters. A ...
ESP Disconnect: C-Level Execs Are OK With Service, End Users Aren't
Large email marketers are unhappy with their ESPs -- but few plan to change them. And it depends on their job title.
Survey: 94% of Students Want to Use Their Cell Phones in Class -- Campus Technology
A whopping 94 percent of students in a recent survey said they want to use their cell phones in class for academic purposes.
Consumers Without Credit Cards: Survey Data & Report | LendEDU
Paying with cash or a debit card is becoming increasingly outdated and unfavorable in comparison to paying with a credit card. With providers competing against each other to win over more ...
Online shoppers still have plenty of holiday gifts to buy
Even after Cyber Monday, two-thirds of online consumers say they have half or more of their holiday gifts yet to purchase.
Almost half of social purchases made via Facebook | ZDNet
The top social media platforms are battling for advertising dollars and are using their own user base to influence our online purchasing behavior.
The Brand Intelligence Platform Press
Your source for the latest Survata stories, news, and headlines.
AdQuick adds tools to measure impact from outdoor ad campaigns
The self-service ad platform now lets brands track effectiveness via posted photos, direct response codes, geofencing and lifts in website visitors by ZIP codes.
Google is the most trusted digital ad platform, new study says
Younger consumers, more so than older ones, reported markedly lower levels of trust, experience, relevance, commerce and exposure to new businesses across platforms. 
Ad Study Reveals Platforms That Promote Trust, Buying, Discovery
From Google and YouTube to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, no platform has been immune to trust challenges. Many others have faced questions about their advertising potential.
The Sprout Social Index, Edition XIII: Moments & Milestones
In this data report, we explore what drives people to share major milestones on social with brands, and the implications it has for brands.
Data on Younger Shoppers That Matter for Sales
With a few small tweaks, retailers can easily meet the needs of all generations, even younger shoppers who are mistakenly tagged as "drastically different."
The digital lives of millennials and Gen Z | LivePerson
LivePerson transforms customer care at large brands, by moving analog voice calls to digital messaging and bots.
Sales shift: Many Millennials prefer sales outreach via social media
Social media holds major potential for sales enablement, but new research from employee advocacy platform Bambu by Sprout Social finds it’s a largely untapped channel for customer engagement by ...
Survata launches online and offline customer survey tool, adds geospatial data
Exclusive Collecting customer opinions, market research data, and feedback is fairly easy online. You install one of a dozen widgets and set some questions, then wait for the responses. But getting a ...
Shopping trends: 72.1% of shoppers will turn to Amazon first this holiday season | NICHEHUNT
The holiday season is fast approaching and a new survey reveals insights into how shoppers will hunt for…
Hey brands, here’s why people call you out on social media
Ever wonder what you’re doing wrong? A new analysis by Sprout Social uncovers some of the reasons why consumers call out brands and companies on social media, and it turns out, people don’t ...
Working the numbers: How data aggregation will impact digital banking’s future
Once considered the only option to complete financial transactions, the traditional bank branch has been augmented by the era of online banking. More than 90 percent of consumers under the age of 35 ...
Are we taming the programmatic Wild West? Yes, but much is still missing
Programmatic advertising is slowly starting to make important progress in the area of measurement, but the adtech space still needs to grow up, writes Survata's Chris Kelly.
Password Sharing Is Not a Problem for Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) Stock
While password sharing may put a sizable dent in Netflix revenue, management is not concerned and NFLX stock remains strong.
63% of Kids Plan to Financially Support Parents’ Retirement
Parents don't expect financial support from their children, but kids are willing to help.
Can digital and TV data crunchers ever find a common language?
A sense of urgency around the need to bring the two sides closer was on display at a recent ARF conference, but a broadly accepted lexicon appears elusive for now.  
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Survata Unveils Partner Network of Data Management Platforms
New capabilities include segment creation, segment validation and audience profiling
Survata Creates Partner Network With Lotame, Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe, LiveRamp
The partnerships combine consumer survey responses with first-, second- and third-party data in a partner DMP. Prior to the partnerships, Survata used data gained from pixels and tags in banner ads. ...
How to Ensure Terminations Don't Negatively Impact Remaining Team Members
If you overvalue meritocracy, deliverables and performance, you risk having superstars who are also "culture villains."
Survey: Payment Technology And Fraud Challenges Are Big Concerns For Small Business
The more we integrate our business and financial systems, the more we open up the potential for business improvement but also the potential for system vulnerability and worry.
An Ad-Tech Firm and a Survey Player Want to Improve Programmatic Buying by Pre-Screening Audiences
This program could be popular with political marketers for the 2018 midterm elections.
Lotame Announces Integration with Survata to Create Segment Validation
NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 16, 2017) -  Lotame, the leading independent data management platform (DMP) as well as the most trusted and...
Ep 188: Interview with Chris Kelly, founder of Survata
Companies and brands are always trying to get to know their customers better as well as figure out what the market is looking for so they can develop new products and services. How
24% of U.S. Adults Use Social Media to Comment on TV Shows
However, only 9% do so regularly, finds Ring Digital, suggesting that multitasking while watching TV isn't a popular activity.
Facebook is launching a new direct-response advertising platform
As Facebook prepares to launch a new direct-response advertising platform called Collection, a recent study showcases the facts behind consumer interest in ads. 
How Do Users Like Snapchat Ads? - eMarketer
People see advertising on the platform frequently, but how often do they engage with it?
What Consumers Really Think About YouTube's Offensive Content Problem and Its Advertisers
According to our exclusive survey, 36% think an ad is an endorsement by the brand.
Selling on Amazon: The ups and downs for B2B
Any business that sells products online is invariably forced to consider the question: Should we sell on Amazon or stay away?
Saving for Retirement Is Not a Priority for 40% of Americans
The most popular reasons why Americans are not saving for retirement might shock you.
The 3 Tech Buzzwords Every CEO Should Know
The tech industry has more buzzwords than CEOs can keep track of. Which are the ones that a business leader really needs to know? Venture capitalist Gary Little went to find out, and came back with 3 ...
Millennials Follow Brands; GenX , Contests; and Boomers, Promotions
1 in 10 messages actually get a response from a brand, 30% of Millennials engage with a brand on social at least once a month, and 14% of Baby Boomers initiate conversations with brands on social at ...
Consumers Still Get Most of Their Super Bowl Information From TV, Not Social Media
52% of consumers said television gives them the best Super Bowl information.
How Good and Bad Super Bowl Ads Affect Consumers' Purchasing Decisions
This exclusive study reveals the impact of branding and the best Super Bowl spokesperson of all time.
A Look at All the Ways Fans Will Use Social Media During the Super Bowl
For marketers, it’s increasingly important to attract Big Game viewers on social platforms, too.
Super Bowl 2017: 16% of Viewers Plan to Watch via Online Streaming
Streaming video has become a mainstream, everyday activity for most Americans — but when it comes to the Super Bowl, most gridiron fans will still be parked in front of a TV set for what&#821…
Rethink your rewarded ad strategy
Guest App developers and publishers have always been challenged to find ways to keep users engaged within their apps while maximizing revenue earned per user. How to keep users coming back to the ...
Super Bowl: What People Would Sacrifice to Attend the Game
Super Bowl LI is set to kick off on Feb. 5 in Houston, and a survey found most people are willing to give up vacation days to attend.
Here Are 8 Interesting Digital Marketing Stats From This Week
The first week of 2017 didn't disappoint when it comes to digital marketing statistics, with news pouring in from Apple, researchers across the pond and the Consumer Electronics Show. Check out the ... domain name is for sale. Inquire now. is available for purchase. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities!
Snapchat and Instagram's Young Audiences Rarely Notice Ads on Platforms - eMarketer
Snapchat and Instagram have both become the go-to platforms for brands looking to reach teens and millennials. But about a third of the young audience is blind to the ads.
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Thanksgiving by the Numbers
Thanksgiving is all about family and now, thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, shopping. We took a look at Thanksgiving by the Numbers to see...
Apparel and Accessories Ecommerce Still Focused on Desktops - eMarketer
eMarketer forecasts US retail ecommerce sales of apparel and accessories will reach $74.03 billion in 2016, an 18.7% share of total US retail ecommerce. Apparel is a product category bought in ...
Gen Z, millennials find Snapchat 'cooler' than Instagram
A survey shows young demos aren't fans of marketing on the apps. 
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Is Amazon the go-to search engine this holiday season? - Search Engine Watch
When you’re looking to finish off your holiday shopping list, what search engine do you go to? Amazon or Google?
Here's What Gen Z and Millennials Love and Hate About Instagram and Snapchat
Since its debut in 2010, Instagram has accrued an impressive 300 million daily users. But with the ascendancy of 4-year-old Snapchat, which now boasts 150 million fans and counting, Instagram is ...
Over Half of Millennials Would Use Chatbots to Take Action on Local Services
/PRNewswire/ -- Messaging platform users are actively utilizing chatbots and would use them to close the commerce loop with local businesses, according to a...
Marketing Foundations: Qualitative Research
Learn what your customers really want. Use qualitative marketing research, the tool successful companies like Proctor & Gamble and Disney use to get to know their customers.
Amazon Expected To Grab Over 25% Of Holiday 2016 Online Sales
It’s shaping up to be an e-commerce Christmas and we can all thank Amazon for that. According to market research firm eMarketer, online sales this holiday season — defined as November and ...
Amazon Maintains First Search On Google, Gains On Retail Sites
Amazon maintains its lead over search engines when it comes to consumers deciding where to make that first search for products. A study released Tuesday during Advertising Week shows the same pattern ...
OTT Startup Layer3 Begins Pumping Fat $75-Plus TV Bundle in Chicago, Via Comcast and Others
Bucking conventional wisdom that consumers are gravitating toward “skinny” pay-TV bundles, Layer3 TV has launched a big, fat honking package in the Chicago area that is priced starting …
These Social Media Behaviors Are Turning Off Your Followers - Marketing Charts
It’s a tough world out there: a recent study from Sprout Social shows that brands need to strike a very delicate balance with their social media promotions or risk losing their followers. Case in ...
57% of Parents Tap Mobile For Back-To-School Shopping
Back-to-school shopping, another annual benchmark for the magnitude of mobile commerce, is just about over for many parents, so the final tallies are just around the corner. Indications are that the ...
What's the most annoying thing brands do on social media?
The worst thing a brand can do on Facebook is post too many promotions, according to a new report from Chicago-based Sprout Social.
Would you buy a car from your smart phone?
One-third of people in a new survey would buy an auto online, much as they would in buying a shirt or a pair of shoes
Apparel most popular retail category across all channels
A new retail survey released by Onestop Internet revealed apparel is the most popular retail category across all channels and is also driving online growth. 
Style expert talks fashion and modern manners survey
Philadelphia native and style expert Sabir Peele always had an interest in fashion. While attending Central High School, he would design clothes for his friends. It wasn’t until Peele attended
Why Consumers Download, and Delete, a Retailer's Mobile App - eMarketer
It can take a lot for retailers to get smartphone users to install an app: Being a regular customer isn’t enough incentive. And once an app is installed, poor performance can easily lead to ...
Snapchat Launches a Colossal Expansion of Its Advertising, Ushering in a New Era for the App
Imran Khan was an internet-focused investment banker at Credit Suisse, where, in September 2014, he orchestrated Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba's high-profile IPO.
3 in 5 Millennials Say 'FOMO' Isn't an Excuse for Reckless Spending, Survey Finds
Millennials, those aged 18 to 34, have a pretty bad reputation — especially when it comes to their finances. They’re accused of having too much debt,.
These 2 Tech Companies Are Combining Market Research With Programmatic Ads
Advertisers target consumers all the time online, but they don't always survey a sample of the actual target segment to figure out their mindsets in real-time. Krux and Survata aim to make that ...
Survata offers first online surveys targeted at second- and third-party user segments
The questionnaires, which can include a pretesting of ads, are delivered to the same segments the ads will later target.
The Sprout Social Index, Edition VI: Shunning Your Customers on Social?
This data report looks at consumer expectations on social media compared to the behavior of brands across 15 industries worldwide.
NextAdvisor with TIME
NextAdvisor, in partnership with TIME, is a free resource to help you make smart moves that make a big impact on your wealth.
Five Ways to Validate Your Idea | Treehouse Blog
A friend once said to me, “dude, I have an idea for a billion dollar website.” I’ve heard this type of thing many times before, but I entertained him, “oh yeah? What is it?” I asked. His ...
Survey finds roadblocks keep developers from fully adopting containers - SD Times
Shippable survey of developers found that they are adopting container technology for their applications, but there is a gap in full container adoption
Amazon Is Now Offering Restaurant Delivery in San Francisco
When Amazon switches on its logistics engine for food delivery, startups shudder.
Simply Serverless: Using AWS Lambda to Expose Custom Cookies with API Gateway | Amazon Web Services
Simply Serverless Welcome to a new series on quick and simple hacks/tips/tricks and common use cases to using AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway. As always, I’m listening to readers (@listonb), so if ...
Amazon launches Payments partner program, weighs fintech investments
The new Payments Partner Program enables e-commerce providers across the globe to more easily integrate with Amazon Payments.  
The Cost of Free Markets
Some argue that when the free market fails to protect consumers, government regulation is required.
What Do People REALLY Know About Long-Term Care?
A survey finds that many Americans seem to know very little about long-term care costs.
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Amazon happily shares some solid holiday numbers
Last week the e-commerce giant sent out a boastful holiday missive with a litany of its accomplishments.
New study shows the U.K. is beating the U.S. on Black Friday, just not in-store
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are relatively new concepts in the U.K., but it would seem that the Brits have taken them to heart. These two retail-frenzy behemoths were imported thanks to the ...
5 Steps to Content Marketing Success
Content marketing isn't easy when it's done right, but when you have a solid process in place, you've got a much better chance of hitting a home run. Paddy Moogan takes us through his own 5-step ...
California Online Poker Garners Additional Support as New Year Approaches
California online poker was shelved in 2015, but as the year winds down and 2016 looms, the odds for iPoker seem to be increasing in the Golden State.
Amazon's Ingenious Scheme to Undermine Black Friday
Amazon isn't just taking the pain out of Black Friday shopping. It's undermining the holiday completely.
New Survey Reveals Top Priority for Enterprise Mobile Apps Is to Improve Customer Experience, ...
/PRNewswire/ -- According to a survey commissioned by FollowAnalytics and Gigaom Research, and performed by Survata Research Partners, an overwhelming number...
Windows and iOS users divided on Clinton but united on Trump, survey says
Technically Incorrect: In a survey timed to feel out whether operating systems correlate with choice of candidates, "No opinion" is the second choice of many Republicans.
VW Messed Up, But the Emissions Scandal won't Turn off Customers
Despite weeks of negative press, a recent poll shows consumers aren't hating on the brand.
Amazon Is the Starting Point For 44 Percent Of Consumers Searching For Products. Is Google Losing, ...
A new survey compares Amazon and search engine performance to an earlier study. A look at what the comparison might actually signal about product search trends.
More than 50% of Instagram’s biggest fans hate ad increase
Analysis The social network has grown from nothing in 2010 to a user base that now boasts 400 million people worldwide, 77 million of whom are in the U.S. 80 million photos are shared daily on the ...
Facebook v. Google in digital video battle: YouTube is 11X bigger
Facebook’s fast-growing digital video push is still very much a minnow to Google’s whale, according to VB’s latest research report: FB v GOOG: Who’s really winning in digital video? There’s ...
The Internet of Things By The Percentages
One of the main impacts of the Internet of Things is the amount of data that will be coming from millions of connected devices. Similarly, there already is a significant amount of data in the form of ...
The Candidates' Brands: What Are 'Consumers' Thinking So Far?
This article is by Kellogg School of Management Clinical Professor Julie Hennessy. Two debates down, more to come, and still almost 14 months until election day. As voters attempt to digest the flood ...
5 Tips To Create a Better Mobile Experience For Users | Gadzooki
As most people have their favorite communication gadgets (smartphones and tablets) with them almost all the time, as a website designer, you should be
92% of People Have Games They Don't Play, Claims Report
Results from GameStop-commissioned survey say gamers are "leaving money on the table."
Heal Thyself! When Will Market Research Get Serious About Sample Quality? | GreenBook
Isn't it ironic that we are so meticulous in our survey construction – "garbage in, garbage out" we all say – and then we throw our carefully constructed babies out into the unknown?
59% of Businesses Leverage IoT Data for Digital Marketing
Many businesses already are using IoT data to back up their digital marketing and most of them call it a success. Some companies are so successful with it that they plan to divert resources to the ...
The Ultimate List of Product Hunt Collections for Marketers
More than 20 of the best Product Hunt collections, full of useful tools for digital marketing and social media.
Attention Marketers: You're Data Rich, Insight Poor
Digital marketers are still struggling to make effective use of big data — and need to sharpen their technical skills or hire more people who can help them to maximize the use of data and analyt
Survata Surveys Investors, Raises $6 Million Series A – TechCrunch
Survata is a three-year-old, 10-person, San Francisco-based startup that creates consumer surveys for ad agencies, hedge funds, consumer packaged goods companies, and many others that are looking for ...
Capterra report: CRM users really like their software
Exclusive Seventy-one percent of users of customer relationship management systems are satisfied or very satisfied, although a quarter would like to have social media monitoring built in.
15 Market Research Tools You Should Know About – StartupIstanbul
All entrepreneurs know that it is essential to know well their market and in order to get the information they need they must do the right market research. Market researching […]
Why eyes really go red in the pool: URINE not chlorine causes reaction
Researchers say the red eyes are caused by urine in swimming pools, not chlorine - and have launched a campaign to stamp it out.
Polling Data on College Completion and Tuition in North Carolina: Part 1 - North Carolina Insight | ...
The N.C. Center for Public Policy Research conducted an online statewide poll to survey respondents on the highest credential completed, student loan amounts, and reasons North Carolinians do not ...
Audi CEO: Google Inc. Could Turn Driverless Cars Into Data Miners | The Motley Fool
Audi’s CEO says Google’s driverless car plans could exploit customers’ personal data.
Daily Mail: Hard news is a safe place for advertisers after all
Daily Mail research attempts to convince advertisers that hard news is a safe place for them to advertise their brands.
Elon Musk would make the best tech president, says survey
Technically Incorrect: Which tech leader would you like to see as president? Respondents to a survey vote for President Musk.
4 Startups That Every Digital Agency Should Have On Their Minds
You may not know it, but with a few small tweaks to how you're running your digital agency, you can constantly shave minutes and stress off of your day.
The College Graduate’s Financial Checklist | MagnifyMoney
A recent national survey of over 1,000 millennials who graduated college between 2011 and 2014 revealed their biggest financial regrets: Not saving enough: 31% Not…
Steve Blank Startup Tools
1. Startup Tools Click Here 2. Lean LaunchPad Videos Click Here 3. Founding/Running Startup Advice Click Here 4. Market Research Click Here 5. Life Science Click Here 6. China Market Click Here ...
Survata - AVC
We’ve been using a tool at USV recently that I like. It is called Survata and it allows to you to create a survey and then target it at whatever number of completes you want. You can target it to ...
12 incredible tools that improve your marketing tactics
A company uses many advanced marketing tactics and make efforts to create ideas to lure the customers. Here we discuss best marketing tactics tools.
Creating Useful Content through Surveys - WriterAccess
Understanding your audience is one of the key ways for success with online marketing. The better you know your audience, the easier it is to deliver the kind of updates and helpful content they’re ...
National Divorce Survey Yields Surprising Insights
Divorce is as popular as ever in America, with over 50% of first marriages and 70% of second marriages ending prematurely. In addition to traditional litigation couples are increasingly turning to ...
Many Organizations Not Prepared for Windows Server 2003 End-of-Life: Survey | SecurityWeek.Com
A survey by Bit9+Carbon Black shows that an estimated 2.7 million servers will remain unprotected after Windows Server 2003 reaches end of life.
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12 User Experience Tools Every Company Should Know About - Digital Marketing Company | nDigit - ...
Every great design has one key component: the User Experience (UX). There are a few UX tools out there that will help you test your ideas.
18 Incredible Useful Market Research Tools | SEJ
There are a good number of useful market research tools that can help deliver insights into your audience. Check them out!
17 Tools & Resources for Conducting Market Research
Try out these market research tools and resources when planning your next product launch.
The Dress: America is split at the seams, says survey
Technically Incorrect: A survey conducted to discern a consensus about the world's most famous piece of clothing shows that America is divided as to what color it is.
Survata’s Consumer Feedback API Helps Power Business Decisions
Businesses now have greater access to the results of targeted consumer research, thanks to Survata’s new consumer feedback API.
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5 Common Mistakes When Conducting Online Market Research Surveys
Find out some of the most common mistakes that organizations make when conducting market research surveys, featuring insights from Survata CEO Chris Kelly.
15 Incredibly Useful Market Research Tools for Social Media
Get to know your audience better with this list of tools to help learn from your followers on social media and the visitors to your website.
37% of Americans think they're too broke to save
Americans really want to save, but one in four poll respondents aren’t at all confident that they’ll be able to meet this resolution.
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Latest news hot off the presses from CNBC.
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Finding Your Niche: 8 Niche Market Examples to Inspire You
A niche market is a segment of the larger market with a shared identity, needs, or preferences that make it unique. Here's how to identify a niche market, plus 8 examples of niche markets you can ...
What to do when your Facebook friend posts something offensive
Read something that made you cringe? Follow these steps.
Female VCs: What Do Entrepreneurs Think Of Them, Really?
Lending Club went public today, which is a tremendous achievement for the team. I had the good fortune of meeting Renaud Laplanche, Lending Club’s founder and CEO, back in 2008. He chose me to join ...
Your Facebook Friend Said Something Racist. Now What? | Note to Self | WNYC Studios
There's a formula for a productive conversation about tough topics. Also, we made a flowchart. 
Nine Ways to Sharpen Your Customer Research (Part 2 of 2)
Market Research - In part 2 of this article, you'll discover six more practical ways to derive valuable insights about your customers.
SURVEY: Facebook vs Twitter... Which Do You Prefer?
Where do you stand in the Facebook vs Twitter debate? A recent survey asked people which social network they prefer. The results may surprise you.
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Google: Just what does the search engine know about us?
Even as you search Google, it turns out, Google is also searching you
Here's Everything Google Knows About You
Flickr/DawolfIf you rely on Google search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, or any of Google's other zillion free products, the company stores a bunch of data about you.
Everything Google knows about you (and how it knows it)
Google knows your age, your interests and the last thousand things you searched. But that's just the beginning.
SURVEY: If Users Are Forced to Choose Between Facebook and Twitter, Twitter Loses
The good news for Facebook in a recent survey by survey creator Survata is that if regular users of both social network were hypothetically forced to choose between keeping only Facebook or Twitter, ...
Facebook 'Liked' Way More by Women Than Men (Exclusive)
A survey shows that as respondents got older, the Twitter choice got less
News and entertainment for people who love America.
Public trusts Google less than NSA, survey claims |
People would be more upset if a company like Google gained access to all of their records than if the NSA did, according to a new survey.
Survey: More trust NSA than Google with data
People would be more upset if Google gained access to the private data.
People trust NSA more than Google, survey says
In a result consistent with previous polling, a new poll has respondents claiming they're more concerned about Google seeing all their private data than the government.
Survey: Internet users afraid of Google handling personal data more than the NSA
In light of the many detailed reports based on Edward Snowden’s leaks that revealed the sophisticated technologies the NSA and other spying agencies can employ for mass surveillance purposes, a ...
People are more scared of Google than the NSA
People aren't buying that whole 'don't be evil' thing.
25 New Fall Shows Viewers Are Most Excited About Will Surprise You (Exclusive)
Fox's hot new series "Gotham" tops list while other shows are quite contrary to critical buzz, according to an exclusive study conducted for TheWrap by Survata
How Would Religions Cope With Extraterrestrials? It Depends
A newly published book delves deeply into questions about extraterrestrial life, and what discovering E.T. would mean for the world's religions.
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Online Consumer Survey Comparison: Survata and Google
My research on online consumer surveys turned up two options - Survata and Google Consumer Surveys. I prefer Survata.
Study: Millions of Android users will jump ship and buy the iPhone 6
A new study from research company Survata looked at whether current iPhone and Android users are likely to switch to the iPhone 6 once it launches in the coming weeks, with CNET reporting the ...
Only 5 percent of Android users will switch to iPhone 6, says survey
A survey insists that only a small proportion of Android users will switch to Apple's new phone. But could that change when they actually see the iPhone 6?
Why would someone who bought an iPhone 5c last year now pay top dollar for an iPhone 6?
Online survey company Survata has just come out with a new poll of nearly 900 consumers that asked them their interest in upgrading to the iPhone 6. Unsurprisingly, iPhone 5 owners — who likely ...
13 Up and Coming San Francisco Startups
Entrepreneurs search, find and network with advisors and fellow entrepreneurs at MeetAdvisors - a free and effective platform to communicate! Join now to get connected!
Does Your Company Have A Culture Of Testing?
Over 10 years ago in a college marketing class, I learned something surprising about those omnipresent ninety-nine cent endings on price tags: Most businesses actually had no evidence they increased ...
Improving Your Public Relations (Without a Public Relations Firm)
When other entrepreneurs ask me how they can replicate our success, I share these five lessons.
Video: How to Validate Your Product Ideas
Product validation can be tricky. We’re sharing 5 tested strategies you can use to validate whether or not you’re selling a product people want.
Employers: Hire Intrapreneurs (Job-Seekers: Become Intrapreneurs To Land The Best Positions)
Most leaders want more creativity, innovation and change from their people. However, transforming an existing employee into an intrapreneur, while an admirable goal, is much easier said than done.
Consumer insights are no longer a luxury only big brands can afford, says online survey expert
Until pretty recently, food marketers looking to test new product ideas, brand names or pack designs could look to friends, family, and colleagues for cheap - though notoriously unreliable - ...
Winning The War For Engineering Talent | KillerStartups
The drought isn’t the only shortage plaguing Silicon Valley. The tech industry’s huge demand for engineering talent far outweighs the supply, meaning companies
Hey, founders — before you name your startup something stupid, read this
Guest Many startup founders have been down this road before. It can't hurt to take their experiences into consideration.
Consumer Vs. B2B: Why Not All Startups Are The Same
If enough fundamental differences exist, perhaps we need entirely separate schools of thought for consumer and B2B startups.
What Are Teens Doing Online?
A look at how they connect, where they go, and what they share.
How Strong Networks Create Strong Companies
Having a strong network of creative individuals and partners leads to a good foundation for your venture.
Can you guess someone's gender based only by handwriting?
A revealing new survey suggests it's harder than you might think
How Teenage Behavior Predicts the Future of Technology
From Facebook to Snapchat, what appear to be dumb toys for teens wind up billion-dollar industries
Clowns, Sharks and Chainsaws: What Scares Us Most?
What's your favorite scary movie? We polled more than a thousand film fans online to get to the root of horror films and why we love them.
Survey Finds People Who Believe in God Less Likely to Believe in Extraterrestrials (VIDEO)
The likelihood of extraterrestrial life is rising with each new discovery. Some feel that if the discovery of life is just around the corner, this may be...
A Market Research Firm Asked Viewers How They Want ‘Breaking Bad’ To End, And The Results Are ...
Survata, a San Francisco market research firm, asked ’Breaking Bad’ viewers to predict the ending to the series.
Did Marissa Mayer Pick the Wrong Yahoo Logo?
Marissa Mayer may be geeking out over Yahoo's new logo, but early reactions suggest she is in the minority.
Yahoo reveals new logo and how CEO Marissa Mayer helped design it in one weekend
And Yahoo’s new logo is …. After teasing everyone who paid attention for the last 30 days, Yahoo revealed its first major logo change in 18 years. Anyone who was expecting a drastic cha…
This Is the Yahoo Logo that Tested Best Among Consumers
A survey has found that consumers found the Yahoo logo from day 10 to be the best of the company's "30 Days of Change" logo-fest.
1 Out of 4 People Friend-Request Before the First Date
Along with the help of Survata, Mashable surveyed 3,000 participants on what they found acceptable and polite in regard to dating in the digital age.
China’s branding failure: only 6% of U.S. consumers can name one Chinese brand
Chinese companies have long preferred to buy up American brands, rather than trying their own push in the U.S. market
Three startups to watch from Founder’s Den spring demo day – Gigaom
Looking for interesting companies coming out of Founder's Den, the co-working space and entrepreneur network in San Francisco? Here are our top three picks from
Students bare souls, and more, on Facebook 'confession' pages
"I'm a compulsive laundry room thief," says one Facebook confession. "I'm the reason the 'Public Urination is Illegal' signs were put up at Coyote Village," says another.
Reports of Facebook's teen exodus have been greatly exaggerated | The Daily Dot
Anecdotes and unscientific surveys point to teens leaving the site, but its most-talked-about pages tell a different story.
Bordellos for the Brain
Conference culture is on the rise, writes Holly Finn. But does anything result from all this organized fun?
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Tumblr has more ‘likes’ than FB
( )It’s 10 o’clock: Do you know where your kids are online? The answer is probably Tumblr. Tumblr, the New York City startup that faces a crucial year of incorporating advertising into its ...
The Wall Street Journal - Breaking News, Business, Financial & Economic News, World News and Video
Breaking news and analysis from the U.S. and around the world at Politics, Economics, Markets, Life & Arts, and in-depth reporting.
For teens, Facebook is old
A survey suggests that teens are far more partial to Tumblr than Facebook. And, of course, they positively adore Snapchat.
Tumblr more popular than Facebook among young people, survey says
Tumblr more popular than Facebook among young people, survey says
Y Combinator's Spring 2012 Demo Day: No Funding Talk In Pitches, But Plenty Of Funding Interest
Incubator Y Combinator held its fifteenth Demo Day for its latest batch of 75 companies to pitch to investors (Ashton Kutcher and MC Hammer included) Tuesday.

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