The Brand Analytics Platform

Make brand marketing more impactful


One unified cross-channel measurement platform

Upwave’s Daily-updated results to perpetually show the brand impact of your optimization decisions.

Create different visualizations of your data that are easily exportable for inclusion in presentations and reports

Optimization recommendations let you know when a campaign tactic is working, and when it’s not. Don’t wait until the end of your campaign when you could be making accurate and actionable decisions now.

Verify that your campaign is reaching its target audience, with complete data on behavioral and demographic characteristics.

Download your full campaign results to customize visualizations in your existing workflow

Compare your campaign performance to Upwave’s real-time norms, which accurately account for seasonal effects

Build customizable dashboards to easily monitor the KPIs & cuts most important to your campaign.

Evaluate the effectiveness of every media tactic, creative tactic and more with tactic-level controls.

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Product Update
October 31, 2021

October 2021 Product Update

What’s New: Campaign Uniques for Person-Level Reach Campaign Uniques are unique individuals reached via Digital, CTV or Addressable TV campaigns.  (Linear TV is not yet included in this figure and…
Ad Measurement
October 19, 2021

How can Sentiment, Search, Social, and Sales Data Help you Measure Your Brand?

All site visits tracked. Each message tailored. Every caller’s valuable feedback sought. Orchestrating a cohesive brand experience has become more challenging -- and more high-stakes -- than ever. To overcome…

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