Brand Outcomes

Brand Lift,

Upwave’s granular, real-time dashboard surfaces optimization opportunities early, and elevates the conversation between brands and media companies from clicks to brand building. Brand marketers wait too long for mid-campaign reports, only to realize the data is out of date by the time it’s reviewed. With Upwave, marketers have access to actionable Brand Lift data early.

The Upwave Difference | Brand Lift

Upwave’s Brand Lift highlights brand resonance and opportunities to up-level optimization conversations from clicks, to brand KPIs. Truly cross-channel and fully automated, the Upwave Platform is the future of brand measurement.

Same-Day Setup

75% of campaigns start seeing results within 7 days. Leveraging integrations with DCM and easy-to-use, automated setup, Upwave’s Brand Analytics Platform slashes the costs and time required to set up 3rd party measurement.

Unified Cross-Channel Methodology

Upwave’s Brand Analytics Platform is the only one of its kind — unifying media exposure into one cross-media view. The result? A single data set that is deterministic, cross-media and without coverage gaps like iOS or Safari.

Daily Automated Reads

Be proactive when it comes to campaign reports, not reactive. Analytics are automated through AI, by re-modeling and re-weighting all cuts every night and providing up-to-date data. Upwave customers see 5 – 10x the amount of data compared to legacy research groups, and our brand outcome data is census representative and uncapped.


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