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Brand Campaign Measurement

Leverage industry-leading predictive analytics, with the largest consumer data available, to measure cross-channel brand campaigns.

Brand Lift, reimagined

Brand Lift KPIs like you’ve never seen them before – Linear, Addressable, CTV, and Digital, on one on-demand dashboard, with unprecedented data scale.

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Targeting Verification, finally

No more wondering if your campaign hit your custom behavioral targets – see the actual delivery stats by publisher or audience.

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Instant Insights

Get immediate consumer input on any marketing question, with answers from real people, in an automated insights workflow.

Track, measure, test

The Upwave platform allows for brand tracking, measuring consumer sentiment, testing creative…and more. Endless insights applications for marketers.

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Data at your fingertips

Using the largest consumer dataset available, get real-time results on a modern dashboard.

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Product Update
March 26, 2021

March 2021 Product Update: Lift Trends

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When Can I Make Optimization Decisions with Upwave’s Outperformance Indicator?

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