VIZIO Helps Automakers Reach Elusive Audiences Through Smart TV Ads

By Dev June 30, 2022

VIZIO Helps Automakers Reach Elusive Audiences Through Smart TV Ads

The automotive industry is one of the largest groups of TV advertisers there is. And for good reason. There are so many types of cars designed for different types of drivers across a wide variety of budgets and demographics that carmakers need to cast a wide net to reach them all.

VIZIO recently used the marketing analytics service Upwave to conduct an independent review of three ad campaigns run by auto brands on the VIZIO Ads platform. The results show that all three campaigns had a notable impact on both reaching and influencing younger consumers aged 18 – 24 throughout the entire sales funnel.

Campaign 1
Drove a lift of 24% in the upper-funnel metric Favorability among the 18 – 24 age group compared to the control group that didn’t see the ad.

Campaign 2
Drove lifts in mid-funnel metrics of Awareness, Ad Recall, and Familiarity among the 18-24 age group. Awareness jumped from 54% among the control group to 66% for those who saw the ad. Ad Recall jumped from 31% to 42% across the same groups, while Familiarity increased from 22% to 32%.

Campaign 3
While the campaign drove statistically significant increases in Awareness across all age groups, the highest increase occurred in the 18-24 age group, with a 15% lift.

Each of the three campaigns featured cars at different price tiers — from entry-level to luxury — as well as different campaign formats like in-stream video ads, to homescreen programming sponsorships. Yet across all three campaigns, we noticed significant increases across upper, middle, and lower funnel KPIs for younger audiences.

View the entire case study and download the report from the VIZIO Ads blog.

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