Join Upwave and Chalice Custom Algorithms as we discuss the power of layering persuadable audiences with custom AI to drive real campaign results.
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Events Recap

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2-11-20 Masters of Brand Measurement – Is There a Short Termism Problem in Marketing?

10-29-20 Masters of Brand Measurement – How CTV is Disrupting TV Buying and Measurement

7-23-20 Masters of Brand Measurement – Balancing Brand Metrics & Sales Metrics

3-10-20 Masters of Brand Measurement – The Future of TV

Expert Update from Upwave – Optimization in Action

Expert Update from Upwave – Outperformance Indicator

Expert Update from Upwave – Impact of IDFA Opt-In on Measurement

Expert Update from Upwave – Audience Targeting Verification, How Much is Good Enough?

Webinar – How to Tie Brand Lift to Sales

Webinar – The Tough Questions You Need To Ask Your Brand Lift Partner

Webinar – How Much Lift in Ad Recall Should I Expect from My Campaigns?

Webinar – How Much Brand Awareness Lift Should I Be Expecting?

Upwave & Greenbook – Verizon Case Study: The Revolution of Activating Insights via Programmatic Audiences

1-27-20 Upwave & Popsugar – Media Insights & Engagement Conference

11-5-19 Upwave & Drinkworks – The Market Research Conference

8-14-19 Upwave at ARF Leadership Lab – Do’s and Don’ts in Measuring Incremental Brand Lift