Why Upwave for Brands?

Prove your Investment in Brand Advertising is Working

Upwave is the Analytics Platform for Brand Advertising, giving brands a unified, cross-media platform to measure top-of-funnel, long-term brand advertising – today.

Our granular, real-time dashboards with Brand Optimization, Brand Reach and Brand Outcomes metrics – give you the tools necessary to make sure your brand advertising is reaching, and impacting, your brand-specific target audience. Finally a way to prove, and improve, your ROI over the long-term.

Traditional brand measurement companies make you wait until post-campaign to evaluate whether your advertising is resonating. Upwave’s automated platform uses machine learning and AI to identify actionable insights mid-flight, allowing you to make strategic decisions make your brand dollars more impactful.

The Upwave Difference | For Brands

Brands are under more pressure than ever to cut through the noise of an increasingly fragmented media landscape, and make sure that their product is winning the battle for marketshare and avoiding brand decay. Upwave provides CMOs with the answer to: is my huge investment in brand actually working?

Finally, Tangible Brand ROI

CMOs know they need to invest in brand advertising, but struggle to show the impact of top-of-funnel investment. Take the guesswork out of your measurement and prove to your CFO that your brand dollars are making an impact.

Unified Cross-Media and Cross-Campaign

Whether its Digital, Linear, CTV or  Addressable— Upwave knows the value of having all of your brand campaign data on one platform. Learn how your campaigns are performing both by brand and portfolio views — and monitor longitudinally over time.

Reach, Penetrate, and Impact your Target Audience

 Upwave’s Brand Reach capability evaluates if you’re making progress penetrating new or existing audience segments – beyond just age and gender – because we know Brand Outcomes don’t matter if they aren’t among your intended audience.

Make Sure You're Proving, and Improving, the Value of Your Brand Advertising

Ask these questions, and more, to your measurement provider.

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