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On-Target Reach by Upwave: Holistic Audience Insights for Brand Campaigns

White paper that discusses the use case and methodology of Upwave’s targeting solution.

How to Tie Brand Lift to Sales: A Breakthrough Study of Full Funnel Attribution

White Paper reporting results of study of expected customer lift from 1 point lift in various brand attitudes.

Measuring the Impact of CTV Brand Campaigns On Customer Lift

How Much Lift In Ad Recall Should I Expect From My Campaigns?

AKQA Case Study: Optimizing Media Targeting Strategy for Leading Drain Cleaner Brand

Learn how AKQA discovered groundbreaking insights about purchase behaviors amongst different buyer segments for its client using Survata’s brand measurement technology and data insights.

In-app Measurement Case Study

Learn how Upwave’s Brand Campaign Measurement solution helped a major mobile platform measure in-app ad performance, earning them a 7-figure contract with the advertiser.

The Future of TV Measurement is Digital

As brands and agencies seek to understand the ROI of their video advertising across all marketing channels, the measurement options for linear & advanced TV must keep pace with digital solutions.

Upwave Cross-Channel Measurement

Content fragmentation is accelerating. Learn how advertisers are approaching cross-channel measurement today and preparing for further fragmentation in the future.

How Upwave’s Privacy Moves Actually Boost Measurement Accuracy

At Upwave, we have dived head-first into the vast pool of opportunities created by new privacy safeguards. We are excited to share some of the ways brand outcome measurement will actually be more accurate as a result.

Ad Measurement Reach and Recruiting Methodology

Learn how Survata’s content wall generate 13x higher response quality than panels.

How Much Brand Awareness Lift Should I Expect From My Campaigns?

Is my campaign performing well? How can I tell if my brand lift is considered good? These are commonly asked questions Survata has set out to answer in a series of studies across hundreds of brand campaigns.

Built-in Data Quality

Learn how the Survata Analytics Suite is engineered to collect non-PII data and to conduct quality checks on all data prior to any analysis.

World-Class Deconfounding

Causal measurement, without proper deconfounding, is either incorrect or inconclusive. What was once best-in-class deconfounding, before the digital age of advertisement, no longer suffices.

The New Generation of Brand Lift

See how Survata has the scale and reach to get brand lift data in real-time for in-flight optimization.

Brand Lift For Agencies

Learn how Upwave’s Brand Campaign Measurement product exposes underperforming ad spend so that agencies can help their clients get the most out of their budget.

Chalice Case Study: Persuasion for US Campaign 2020

A Firm Foundation: Future-Proof Tracking for a Privacy-safe World

Digital ad measurement as we know it isn’t built to last. The truth is, relying on one-to-one identifiers has always been a house built on a foundation of sand, but that foundation has now been completely eroded by the tide of privacy protection.

The Tough Questions You Should Be Asking Your Brand Lift Partner

Tough questions you should be asking to ensure the metrics you’re given report what they claim.

Study Best Practices E-book

Learn best-in-class study design so you can answer your business’ most pressing challenges

How Healthy is your Brand?

Keep a pulse on the state of your brand with monthly KPI snapshots. Check out where Apple HomePod stands in the smart speaker industry to learn how you too can proactively monitor brand health against competitors.

How to Use Brand Lift to Optimize a Campaign

How a Fortune 100 Tech Company was able to get actionable insights from their programmatic campaigns with Survata.

Persuadable Audiences

In order to have the greatest impact on brand campaigns, it is critical to get your message in front of the most receptive audience…


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