Targeting, Leveled Up

On-Target Profiles

CTV has changed how brands think about targeting, and reporting reach by age & gender is no longer good enough. Upwave’s On-Target Profiles validate how successful a tactic or campaign is in reaching a demographic or behavioral trait. This profile is available cross-channel, across TV and digital, and updated daily.

On-Target Reach

At the same time, with the rise of CTV, video campaigns struggle with validating reach and frequency across fragmented channels, including CTV, linear TV, and digital. Upwave’s On-Target Reach allows marketers a fully automated, campaign-level view of reach, frequency and penetration rate within your brand specific target audience.

The Upwave Difference | Targeting

Optimization recommendations customized to your target audience

Compare each media partner, channel and programmatic segment to your overall campaign in terms of target accuracy given your brand-specific target audience, with On-Target Profiles.

Get optimization recommendations in your email inbox, via Opportunity Notifications, that identify opportunities to reallocate towards greater on-target accuracy.

Go beyond age and
gender reach metrics

Upwave goes deep, reporting reach and penetration rate within brand-specific target audiences. Learn what percentage of your total target is being missed, and optimize towards closing that gap.

On-Target Reach metrics also give you a full cross-channel scope, covering linear, addressable, CTV, online video, display and audio. Upwave’s On-Target Reach metrics mean reducing wasted media spend.


For more on On-Target Profiles and On-Target Reach check out our Expert Update from Upwave.