Understanding Statistical Significance and P-Values

Traditional statistical methods are not the right fit for digital data.

Having trouble understanding p-values and statistical significance? Upwave can help. 

P-Values are for post-campaign

A p-value statistic is used to evaluate the validity of the results from a scientific study —after its finished. This is not a useful metric when considering campaigns that are in-flight.

Significant? Not really

Results with a p-value of less than 0.005 are considered “stat sig” — meaning what? Statistical significance means that finding lift is not likely due to random chance — that’s it.

More data, more problems

With enough data, all results, even small correlations, show as statistically significant. Otherwise known as “p-hacking.”

False Positives

Checking for statistical significance multiple times leads to false positives. Overall, what can be concluded is not helpful in advertising measurement

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