Analytics Engine

Upwave Analytics Engine is made up of proprietary predictive
analytics, daily re-weighting, & powerful machine learning
capabilities that ensure data is transformed into actionable


Upwave Analytics Engine is engineered to conduct quality checks on all data prior to analysis. The systematic quality checks automatically remove data anomalies and outliers that are flags for fraud or flawed data collection

Audience Creation

We’ve automated the creation of precise audiences that can be activated by brand advertising.

Do you want to target those consumers most persuaded by a campaign or creative concept, or those consumers at risk of becoming disaffected by your brand?

Leveraging our machine learning system, we can turn the data produced from brand campaign measurement, brand tracking, segmentation studies, or creative tests into precise audiences that you can activate with advertising. Our integrations with leading DSPs and social platforms bring this power to your existing workflow.

The Power of Machine Learning

Accurate insights are key to delivering intelligent action that helps brands drive their business.

Our machine learning system takes the data we collect, performs sophisticated modeling at scale, and generates predictive analytics that supports your brand goals.

Advanced Analysis

Review and analyze your data directly in our interface. Run simple descriptive statistics, generate dynamic crosstabs, or run advanced statistical tests.


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