Optimize Your Approach to Media Planning

You’d be hard pressed to come up with two words that better sum up today’s market than “dynamic” and “saturated.” Consumers are presented with an ever accelerating number of options in every product category. So much so that sometimes it seems last week’s new entrant is this week’s legacy brand. From car lots to grocery aisles to streaming services, how does one pick the best plug-in, anti-bacterial, carbon neutral, ultra-wideband, free range, 8K, organic, X Max Plus?

While it may feel like a brave new world of consumer behavior, the fundamentals of marketing strategy remain intact. The simple fact remains: if a person does not have your brand in mind when making a purchase, it is unlikely they will buy your product. But how do you optimize media planning and advertising spend so that, in the swirl of choice and change, you are top-of-mind at that critical moment?

Two marketing philosophies in particular answer that question with differing – but not mutually-exclusive – approaches. The Recency Planning model prioritizes maximum reach and exposure, while the Movable Middle model prioritizes targeting only those customers that are most persuadable.

Let’s unpack both approaches and explore how only Upwave empowers you to implement either media planning strategy with greater accuracy and actionable optimization opportunities in real-time. As only Upwave has the audience-level reach needed for recency planning, and provides insights-based and automated optimization needed to better target the Movable Middle.