Why Upwave for Agencies?

Make your client's brand investment count

Upwave is the Analytics Platform for Brand Advertising, giving brands a unified, cross-media platform to measure top-of-funnel, long-term brand advertising – today.

Our granular, real-time dashboards with Brand Optimization, Brand Reach and Brand Outcomes metrics – give you the tools necessary to make sure your client’s brand advertising is reaching, and impacting, their brand-specific target audience.

Traditional brand measurement companies make you wait until post-campaign to evaluate whether your advertising is resonating. Upwave’s automated platform uses machine learning and AI to identify actionable insights mid-flight, allowing you to make strategic decisions that make your client’s brand dollars more impactful.

The Upwave Difference | For Agencies

Agencies face difficult conversations with clients when brand campaigns fall flat. Take control your client’s top-of-funnel investment by improving brand KPIs and reducing media waste. Upwave’s Analytics Platform highlights brand resonance opportunities, and is a truly cross-media and fully automated platform.

Automated Cross-Media Insights

Automated opportunity notifications sent directly to your inbox to make optimizations, easy. View all client’s campaigns across digital, linear, addressable, CTV + more at a brand and portfolio level view. 

Reach Your Niche Target Audience

 Upwave’s Brand Reach Capability helps you reduce media waste, and more importantly — your client’s brand spend. Evaluate if your campaign is reaching, and penetrating, the target audience — because Brand Outcomes don’t matter if they aren’t among your client’s intended audience.

Improve Brand Outcomes

Do more than measure KPIs, improve them with Brand Outcomes. Quantify actual persons lifted within a client’s brand campaign, using Brand Lift. Leverage Upwave’s industry-first, Customer Forecast metric, to tie the number of customers acquired or retained from your campaign — all validated by real sales data.

Make Sure You're Proving, and Improving, the Value of Your Brand Advertising

Ask these questions, and more, to your measurement provider.

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