Future-Proof Measurement with Micro Cohorts

Upwave is at the forefront of privacy-safe measurement through our use of micro cohorts to identify households. 

As the final days of user-level tracking approach — what's next for measurement?

Upwave pioneered the use of micro cohorts in 2020, in an effort to get ahead of increasing data privacy legislation. Rather than see the changing landscape as a blocker, we’ve used it as catalyst to innovate for our customers and partners.

What exactly are Micro Cohorts?

Small groups of people, a few hundred or so, that are measured in a privacy-safe way as opposed to at an individual level.

How are they privacy-safe?

They do not rely on 1:1 identifiers like hashed emails or device IDs — making them privacy compliant for both IDFA and the departure of cookies.

What about incrementality?

There is no difference between measuring incrementality with micro cohorts versus person-level tracking. You can still ensure your driver analysis shows causal impact.

How can I prove effectiveness?

With micro cohorts you can still verify and calibrate models using person-level, first-part data.

Interested in Learning More?

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