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Measuring Customer Lift

Measuring the Accuracy of Audience Targeting across Campaigns and Tactics

How to Tie Brand Lift to Sales: A Breakthrough Study of Full Funnel Attribution

How Much Lift In Ad Recall Should I Expect From My Campaigns?

A Firm Foundation: Future-Proof Tracking for a Privacy-safe World

AKQA Case Study: Optimizing Media Targeting Strategy for Leading Drain Cleaner Brand

In-app Measurement Case Study

The Future of TV Measurement is Digital

Upwave Cross-Channel Measurement

How Upwave’s Privacy Moves Actually Boost Measurement Accuracy

Ad Measurement Reach and Recruiting Methodology

How Much Brand Awareness Lift Should I Expect From My Campaigns?

Built-in Data Quality

World-Class Deconfounding

The New Generation of Brand Lift

Brand Lift For Agencies


Introducing the Upwave Outperformance Indicator

Chalice Case Study: Persuasion for US Campaign 2020

How to Use Brand Lift to Optimize a Campaign

The Tough Questions You Should Be Asking Your Brand Lift Partner

Persuadable Audiences


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