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Upwave offers same-day measurement setup. No need for long calls and endless email threads with research firms that delay campaigns and create QA headaches.

Upwave has daily automated reads. Upwave’s machine learning enables the dashboard to automatically update daily and with greater precision than is possible with manual weighting used by research firms. A critical piece to this automation is standardized data collection. Embedded in our system are dynamically customized questions
which have been designed and optimized to accurately measure your brand.

Standardizing creates the most precise KPI norms and benchmarks (in Portfolio Analytics). When questions measuring KPIs are worded differently across campaigns in ways unrelated to the KPI itself, it introduces noise into the calculation of KPI norms and benchmarks. Standardized data avoids that noise. That’s why only Upwave reports error bars with norms and benchmarks – the error bars of competitors’ norms and benchmarks are very large.

Research companies focus on post-campaign wrap-ups.  They only have enough sample for post-campaign, which is why they only provide metrics (stat sig) appropriate for post-campaign. Statistical significance isn’t intended to be evaluated until a campaign is over, though. Upwave, due to its large sample, is able to provide Outperformance Indicators, saving you from the waiting game. Upwave’s Outperformance Indicators offer the clarity, stability, and timeliness that traditional brand lift metrics lack, enabling advertisers to make mid-flight campaign optimizations earlier and with more confidence.

Opportunity to See (OTS) produces unstable lift metrics that jump around when reporting results daily or even rerunning the exact same study. Furthermore, those with low media usage are not a valid control for those exposed to your ad – they are demographically different. That’s why OTS is never used in any other type of measurement as a proxy for exposure. Deterministic exposure data is required for stable, actionable metrics.

Upwave allows customers to on-board unlimited users and create and partition user groups.

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