On-Target Reach by Upwave:
Holistic Audience
Insights for Brand


Brand campaigns aren’t one-dimensional. They’re complex and creative and designed to change minds and behaviors across diverse audiences engaging with all sorts of media. Yet traditional campaign measurement remains stuck in a one-dimensional world. As campaigns expand across CTV, linear, digital, and other fragmented channels, and as targeting becomes more nuanced, advertisers need more than just age and gender breakdowns to truly understand how well their media buys are reaching target audiences. Traditional panel companies simply aren’t equipped to offer these detailed insights, instead relying on small groups of paid participants which ultimately give a skewed view of reach and lift.

Upwave is committed to providing brands and advertisers with the tools to understand the impact and effectiveness of their campaigns from many different angles. Our cross-channel brand analytics platform casts a wide net to show performance across linear, ATV, CTV, online video, display and audio, while also drilling down to reveal campaign performance within custom, brand-specific target audiences.

Our latest innovation, On-Target Reach, is an exciting piece of this holistic puzzle, helping brand advertisers to determine the percentage of their total target audience reached by any campaign. With On-Target Reach, brand advertisers can better assess whether their campaign has the effectiveness and scale required to drive a real, measurable impact in the market.