Be a Brand Champion

Become a brand champion of Upwave by referring us to anyone in your professional network you think would benefit from our brand analytics platform. Just fill out our simple referral form below, and you’ll be on the way to big rewards. Plus, who doesn’t want to to help their friends and contacts build better brands?!

What’s in it for you? A tiered incentive program*

Advocate Level: 1 Qualified Referral$10 Amazon gift card!
Enthusiast Level: 2-4 Qualified Referrals$50 Amazon gift card!
Champion Level: 5+ Qualified Referrals$100 Amazon gift card!
Bonus!: Qualified Referral Leads to a Contracted Deal$250 Amazon gift card!

Have more than one referral — great! Feel free to submit the form more than once. Still thinking about who to submit? Upwave Brand Champions is a rolling referral program through Q1 with an end date of 3/31/21 so come back to this page whenever you have a new referral to share.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: A qualified referral is defined a new contact to Upwave, that results in a meeting within the program period of 1/11/22 to 3/31/22. All Referral Tiers incentives will be paid out in the 14 days following the end of the program period. Bonus! Level incentives will be paid out within 30 days of contract.