Performance marketing on CTV lifts brand awareness 8.6% – Madhive

By Dev January 28, 2023

Performance marketing on CTV lifts brand awareness 8.6% – Madhive

Creating a successful campaign required strategic budgeting, pacing, ad frequency, and agility. Upwave provided the infrastructure and methodologies for accurate data collection while Madhive leveraged these datasets to provide this client confidence in driving mid-campaign changes for the highest impact of ads.

+ An “always on” strategy optimized to produce positive ROAS

Over the course of a year with Madhive, this advertiser profitably placed over $5MM in media to acquire customers at a positive ROAS. The client’s goal was to understand the optimal level of exposure at the top of their funnel for audiences most interested in purchasing an annual subscription for their software. By associating the advertisement campaigns to survey questions validated by Upwave’s data science, they were able to get precise benchmarks for evaluating brand campaign performance and highest likelihood of purchase intent. Alongside this upper funnel understanding of prospects, advertisements were tied into pixels to understand conversion rates and revenue attribution. Within the year, in-flight changes were made to improve on both fronts. The results from a full funnel strategy of this nature led to an average of 1.5x – 1.8x return on ad spend.

+ An intelligent bidder that can support any goals

Madhive supported the ability to change campaigns in real-time decisively based on the brand’s KPIs. Built entirely in house, the Madhive bidder simultaneously can support large national brand budgets and precise small, local campaigns. For this client, we were able to recommend testing monthly, weekly and daily budget goals across the lifetime of the campaign. Between the three paces, it was established that a weekly pacing allowed a bit more bidder flexibility which normalized market conditions and CPM fluctuations.

+ Objective-based budgeting

In addition to pacing and frequency, Madhive was able to inform optimal spend. This client spent about $500k-$700k per month through 2022 and had been ROAS-positive for each month. But more money didn’t necessarily mean better results. In a “high spend” campaign where spend was $22.5k/day, they monitored a stable 1.5x-1.8x ROAS. In comparison, a budgeting pace of $40-50k/day noticed ROAS dipping below 1.0x, demonstrating a threshold for higher bursts of spend. With objective-based testing, this client was able to optimize efficiency of spend, finding the right audiences at the right cost while avoiding ad fatigue for potential buyers – a win for both sides.

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