Upwave Automates CTV Campaigns Via Google | Broadcasting+Cable

By Dev April 01, 2022

Upwave Automates CTV Campaigns Via Google | Broadcasting+Cable

Ad intelligence company Survata said it is changing its name to Upwave as it launches an integration of its newly automated Brand Campaign Measurement product into Google Campaign Manager, making it easier for brands to gauge the effectiveness of connected TV and digital ad campaigns.

Upwave tracks and analyzes billions of CTV, digital and linear ad impressions per month and its data is used by many platforms, which are fed into its machine learning models.

Previously information about campaigns–including creative IDs, placement IDs and publisher IDs–had to be ingested into the system manually, a burdensome process for brands and agencies that limited the amount of data inputted into the models.

Upwave said it has now integrated with the Google Campaign Manager ad server, automating the ingestion of CTV and digital campaign data, saving time and creating larger data sets in real time for Upwave predictive analytics engine.

“As Upwave evolves into a broader marketing analytics company, this is the first of many steps we will take to use software to automate analytics for brand marketers,” says Chris Kelly, CEO of Upwave. “The past is campaign analytics in Excel and PowerPoint; the future is automated campaigns driven by machine learning.”

Kelly said the company was originally named Survata because it used survey data to college attitudinal data from consumers. Now it uses machine learning to model campaign performance on a daily basis.

The new name, Upwave, “is better suited to our future, which is about software that automates measurement at the top of the marketing funnel,” he said.

Kelly said one clients started doing cross-channel campaigns, the old methodologies for evaluating campaigns weren’t good enough and made manually entering data into into both campaign management and measurement software too cumbersome. “Now you don’t have to do all this set up just because you pick a measurement partners to use for all your brand campaigns.”

Some of Upwave’s clients have multiple brands and are running many campaigns at the same time. Upwave has used its new software and cloud computing to crunch number for three million models for clients. Kelly said. The company also works for some publishers and media companies.

The new API integration is available to Upwave customers immediately.

“This integration is an important step forward for the analytics industry,” says Sonia Vaidya, head of analytics at WPP’s AKQA agency. “Upwave’s new Google Campaign Manager API integration enables us to achieve significant efficiencies in our operations and reporting. More importantly, it enables us to better leverage their machine learning models to more accurately assess the outcomes of our brand campaigns.”

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