Upwave optimizes ads for web domain provider | Amazon Ads

By Dev October 24, 2023

Upwave optimizes ads for web domain provider | Amazon Ads

By using Upwave’s solutions to measure the campaign, Amazon Ads reached the intended goals and drove a statistically significant lift for both awareness and consideration KPIs. The campaign resulted in a 14% lift in awareness and a 16.3% lift in consideration among primary decision-makers for web services.1

The campaign also helped increase awareness and consideration for the web domain provider across the intended age groups. For 18-to-24-year-olds, awareness increased 4.6% and consideration increased 2.6%.2 Among 25-to-34-year-olds, awareness increased 9.5% and consideration 6.4%.3 In the 35-to-44 age bracket, awareness increased 17.2% and consideration 11.5%.4 And for people between the ages of 45 and 54, awareness increased 9.4% and consideration 7.4%.5

By using Upwave’s solution, the web domain provider observed that Streaming TV ads outperformed other ad types. The campaign had the most impact on people who viewed the ads 3x or 4x, and brand and omnicommerce creative concepts outperformed other creative concepts. Drawing on this information, the web domain provider was able to improve the campaign even while it was in progress. The web domain provider benefited from using Amazon Ads and Upwave solutions despite not selling a product on the brand Store. The use of Upwave and Amazon Ads successfully helped measure customer awareness and consideration for the brand, and it showed a boost in the return on investment from their marketing campaign.

“Amazon Ads proved to be a high-value brand-building tool for the website domain provider,” said Jon Stewart, senior vice president of customer success and analytics at Upwave. “Upwave’s analysis helped the brand reach their intended audience.”

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