TVSquared and Upwave Partnership Unifies Insights to Drive Long-Term Business Outcomes With TV Advertising

By Emily Scadden August 12, 2021

TVSquared and Upwave Partnership Unifies Insights to Drive Long-Term Business Outcomes With TV Advertising

Upwave and TVSquared have jointly completed a partnership, to uncover insights around real-time outcomes that are leading indicators of long-term business growth.

“Advertisers often have both short-term goals, like sales, and long-term goals, like brand building. Partnering with Upwave enables us to offer mutual customers with a broader portfolio of solutions that cover all bases,” says Bob Ivins, Chief Strategy Officer at TVSquared.

“CMOs need analytics platforms to evaluate advertising impact today, and also draw direct lines to business outcomes that may be happening 12-24 months in the future,” says Chris Kelly, CEO of Upwave.

Upwave, the leader in cross-channel brand analytics and customer lift measurement, and TVSquared, the pioneer in converged TV measurement and attribution, partnered on behalf of a joint customer to develop more accurate forecasting for the customer’s business. “TVSquared’s real-time clicks, engagement and sales outcomes for TV advertising perfectly complements our brand and customer lift data,” adds Kelly.

Working in support of the mutual customer, Upwave provided in-flight brand lift metrics based on machine-learning models, plus long-term predictive customer lift models. TVSquared leveraged its real-time measurement to determine reach, frequency and incremental reach, and its outcomes data for categories such as website visits and sales.

Despite unpredictable consumer behavior and never-before-seen economic conditions during the pandemic, the data science teams together calibrated joint models and identified the combinations of real-time leading indicators that signal improvements in long-term business growth. Upwave and TVSquared now have infrastructure in place to work with more customers across verticals. Both teams will leverage the learnings as part of upcoming product releases.

“Ultimately, marketers know their job is to contribute to revenue growth,” says Ivins. “With this partnership, our companies get them closer to achieving that goal.”