August 2021 Product Update: Lift Opportunity Notifications

By Jeremy O'Brien August 30, 2021

August 2021 Product Update: Lift Opportunity Notifications

What’s New: Lift Opportunity Notifications

Sifting through all the granular cuts of data for your campaign to find potential optimizations can be time-consuming. Opportunity notifications reduce what would otherwise be a whole lot of data exploration to just a few clicks.
Upwave uses custom algorithms to detect signals of over- and under-performance between tactics based on brand and customer lift outcomes. These potential opportunities to optimize your campaign are then surfaced as early as possible during your campaign as automatic alerts.
You can monitor all your opportunity notifications right in your dashboard – the bell icon in your campaign’s dashboard tab gives you a handy count – and also set up email notifications.

Click the bell icon to open a pane displaying your notifications conveniently grouped by tactic and marked with your campaign’s objectives.

Click on any notification to see it charted in a new browser tab that’s easy to investigate and decide on next steps.
Even better, configure email notifications to help you gauge when to check in on your dashboard. In your campaign’s notifications pane, click the gear icon and select email. Depending on your optimization cadence, you can select daily or weekly digests.

Emails give you all the same valuable information, and each notification deep links right to a chart in your campaign’s dashboard!

Opportunity notifications help you spend less time manually identifying optimization opportunities, and make monitoring campaign performance easy and efficient.
Downloading Portfolio Analytics
Just like campaigns, now you can download Portfolio Analytics insights as spreadsheets or images to add to your own documents. After creating a portfolio table, click on the speed dial in the lower right corner and select either ‘Export as PNG’ or ‘Export as XLSX’.