February 2022 Product Update

By Ken Archer February 24, 2022

February 2022 Product Update

What’s New – Reach: Ensure your campaigns penetrate your target audience with the new Reach Tab (formerly the Targeting tab).  For any demographic or behavioral target audience, monitor: 

Uniques: The number of unique persons reached by the campaign or specific campaign media tactic

Penetration: The percentage of your target audience that you penetrated with a campaign or specific media tactic

On-Target Percentage: The percentage accuracy/efficiency of a media tactic in reaching a target audience

Index: The relative accuracy of a media tactic, give the census baseline

Persons Lifted: The days of brand lift reports with only percentage metrics are over.  Upwave now reports the count of persons lifted for all of your KPIs.  Previously this was only available from YouTube and Facebook brand lift, because walled gardens know the reach and lift of each campaign, while brand lift research consultancies have no idea what the reach is of your campaign.  Upwave measures reach and lift, and so is now able to report Persons Lifted for the rest of your media plan.  Currently available at the campaign-level, Persons Lifted will soon be available for individual tactics as well.

Customer Forecast: Perhaps the most important measurement innovation ever from Upwave, Customer Forecast gives you a forecast of the number of customers that will be acquired as a result of a campaign.  Other measures of sales lift or attribution are backward looking, and thus undervalue brand campaigns intended to drive long-term outcomes.  Customer Forecast is the first measure of long-term customer acquisition.  Integrate Customer Forecast with MMM models for unified measurement, and with Customer Lifetime Value for long-term sales lift. 


Automated Tag Generation for All Platforms: The next phase of fast, same-day measurement setup from Upwave – Automated Tag Generation.  Previously available for CM360, this time-saver is now available for all platforms.  In the past, you have had to wait for Upwave, and all 3rd party measurement partners, to email tags to you, services that typically have 3 business day SLAs.  Then, you’ve emailed them the subject line of your impressions report.  Those days are over.  

Now, after you create your campaign, you can immediately visit the Tag Management page in Upwave, and do the following:

  1.  Select your platforms from our list of 100s of supported platforms,
  2. Download the Upwave tags for your platforms, and
  3. Copy the unique Reporting Email into your platform to send impressions reports to Upwave.