For the last few years, Upwave has been proud to offer two products in market – Brand Campaign Measurement and Instant Insights. These products had different customers, different capabilities, different pricing, different partnerships, and more – but were always operated under the Upwave brand.

Today, we’re excited to announce news about one of those product lines – our Instant Insights product (which lets marketers, market researchers, and other professionals run quick consumer insights projects) will be spun out to become part of PureSpectrum, a leading sampling platform and research technology company. Upwave has partnered with PureSpectrum for years so we’re excited to partner on this spin out.

(There’s no change at all to our Brand Campaign Measurement product, which lets brands, agencies, and publishers measure the brand impact of their advertising. We’re innovating as fast as ever on that product! In fact, with the Instant Insights spinout, we’ll have additional resources to invest in new capabilities to ensure we stay the leader in brand analytics.)

We’re excited for this milestone for Instant Insights, which is a clear win for our customers, our Instant Insights employees, and PureSpectrum.

Instant Insights was our first product, the flagship tool that got our business off the ground years ago in Y Combinator. It filled a clear hole in the market: businesses of all sizes wanted a faster, simpler, better way to survey consumers. This enabled them to make data-driven decisions on everything from marketing collateral to package design to pricing to product names to corporate strategy. We’re extremely proud of the years of hard work and creative energy put in by our Instant Insights employees – past & present – to let hundreds of businesses improve thousands of business decisions from millions of consumer data points collected.

As Upwave grew and focused increasingly on our Brand Campaign Measurement product, we always listened to customer feedback on what would improve Instant Insights. The helpful customer input made it clear that Instant Insights would require significant investment to reach the next level of product sophistication that customers wanted. Unfortunately, Upwave was not in a situation to make those aggressive investments. Fortunately, PureSpectrum is. We couldn’t be happier for them to be the new proud parents of Instant Insights.

Why did we choose to partner with PureSpectrum on this spinout?

First, the people: Their team is incredibly experienced and well-connected in the market research and consumer insights world – especially CEO Michael McCrary who’s been a leading force behind the last decade of innovation in sampling platforms. Plus, PureSpectrum was an Instant Insights data supplier for years, so we have an established level of trust with their team. Second, the vision: they have a compelling plan to build a next generation consumer insights platform, and Instant Insights fits nicely into their portfolio. Third, the resources: PureSpectrums’ business is growing rapidly, and they’re already lining up the engineering, marketing, and customer success resources to make both short-term and long-term improvements to Instant Insights. They love customer input so will be listening acutely to your product feedback!

So what changes for our Instant Insights customers? The short answer is “nothing.” We’re committed to making this milestone feel like “business as usual” for you.

  • Your dashboards will still work and your data will still be populated, so there’s no product disruption. We’ll automatically redirect old Upwave URLs to new PureSpectrum URLs.
  • Your contracts will carry over, so there’s no commercial disruption.
  • Your Upwave point of contact will be the same (all Instant Insights employees are transitioning to work for PureSpectrum), so there’s no customer support disruption.

The longer answer, though, is that Instant Insights will get even better. PureSpectrum will continue extending the platform to make your consumer research even easier and more efficient. We’ve peeked under the hood at what they’re planning, so we know customers will be very excited with the product’s evolution.

Separately, what changes for our Brand Campaign Measurement customers? Again, nothing – Brand Campaign Measurement is now Upwave’s only product, so it will receive increased focus and renewed resources. This news simply means Upwave will have even more resources to build out the world’s leading brand analytics platform. We’ll be announcing some exciting extensions to our Brand Campaign Measurement capabilities shortly!

In closing, a final thanks to all of our Instant Insights customers, employees, partners, investors, advisors, and friends who helped us build a valuable platform that delights data-hungry business professionals every day. We’ll forever remain “proud parents” of Instant Insights, even as it finds its well-deserved new home. We know it will continue to achieve great things and constantly push the consumer insights industry to greater heights.

Chris Kelly
Upwave Founder and CEO