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Come See Us on Stage at ARF’s Audience Measurement Conference

By June 6, 2016May 18th, 2021No Comments

It has been an exciting few weeks for us at Upwave, featuring product launches and partnerships that are unlocking new ways for marketers to conduct research. While we have enjoyed the great reactions from across the ad industry, this is just the beginning of what is going to be quite a busy summer. Next up is ARF’s Audience Measurement conference, where our CTO, Jim Warner, will take the stage to explain how Upwave’s Retargeted Surveys™ have enabled our online media clients to reinvent their audience profiling processes.

As the name implies, this conference is all about media audiences — measuring engagement, reaching the right groups, getting feedback, and more. Upwave’s pixel retargeting technology allows this research to be done with more flexibility and accuracy than ever by combining the power of pixel tracking with the reach of our publisher network, meaning our clients can get better data without compromising their own site’s user experience.

Tag Now, Ask Later™

This ability to profile audiences without having to use pop-ups or panels has been of particular interest to many of our clients. Pierre Bouvard, CMO at Westwood One, said the following about this capability:

Media companies need to survey their consumers without interrupting site experience. The solution? Upwave’s innovative ‘Tag now, ask later’ approach. This is the future of media research!

With great client feedback like this, we are confident everyone with audience profiling needs will find something to love about Upwave’s capabilities. At ARF, Jim will walk you through the full story, from how we built our technology, to what exactly it can do, and finally to some cool ways current clients are using it. Check out the video preview below:

Of course, this will not be your last opportunity to see Upwave on stage this summer – we’ll also be presenting at Greenbook’s IIeX conference the same week! We will keep you posted on other upcoming events as they draw closer. In the meantime, we hope to see you in the audience on Monday!