Survata understands many of our customers and partners are undergoing economic stress due to Covid-19.  We are striving to be as flexible as possible during these challenging times.

So, effective Monday April 6 until further notice, we’ll be offer pricing relief for customers and partners under 3 scenarios:
1. For non-profits publishing insights directly related to the fight against Covid-19, Survata will offer a reasonable amount of free consumer data.  Certain businesses or individuals running side projects to fight Covid-19 may also qualify.  The insights must be unrelated to any commercial interest, be made publicly available, and contribute to efforts to fight Covid-19.

2. For businesses severely impacted or disrupted by Covid-19 (notably the BEACH industries – bookings, entertainment, airlines, cruises, hotels), Survata will offer substantial discounts to our regular pricing on data & software.  We are unfortunately unable to offer discounts on services.  
3. For businesses not severely impacted or disrupted by Covid-19, but who are still running helpful marketing campaigns about Covid-19, Survata will offer moderate discounts to our regular pricing on data & software.  We are unfortunately unable to offer discounts on services.   
All qualifications and discount decisions are at Survata’s discretion.  
We’d love to help if we can. Contact your sales contact our account manager today to discuss!