SparkPeople uses Upwave to discover 2014’s most popular fitness goals

By Ally Buzzanga January 21, 2014

SparkPeople uses Upwave to discover 2014’s most popular fitness goals

If you had to wait for a treadmill at the gym this morning you’ve probably already realized this fact, but fitness and wellness goals are highly popular this time of year. While the New Year’s Resolution fitness craze is practically a given, the way people enact their goals rapidly evolves with new information and trends. SparkPeople, the web’s largest and most active healthy living destination, ran an Upwave survey asking nearly 500 women about their health and fitness goals to put a finger on the pulse of popular wellness topics in 2014.

Among women age 25-54 who have a health-related New Year’s Resolution, “exercise more” was selected as the top goal most often (45%), followed by “eat healthier” (23%), and “reduce stress” (13%). The most popular fitness activities respondents plan to pursue in 2014 include yoga and running, both selected 29% of the time. Many respondents would go to considerable lengths in order to reach their fitness goals, including giving up chocolate (35%) or their vacation time (6%).

For SparkPeople, which offers medically-accepted wellness resources to over 15 million registered members, it’s essential to stay in tune with their demographic. Having used other market research tools in the past, SparkPeople said they greatly benefited from Upwave’s expertise. “We’ve done surveys on our own with SurveyMonkey, but having a Upwave survey analyst was helpful, and ensured we crafted the questions correctly,” said Treenah Kight of SparkPeople.

From there, SparkPeople were able to get hundreds of responses from people who could benefit from their articles, interactive tools, and vibrant community of members and wellness experts. The result? SparkPeople gained a meaningful glimpse into their target customers’ upcoming goals, and gathered proprietary data for a newsworthy press release (which received widespread media pickup).