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Powering Effective PR Campaigns with Upwave

By December 16, 2015May 18th, 2021No Comments

It’s not uncommon for our clients to be interested in sharing the fascinating insights they’ve received from their Upwave projects with their customers and clients. Many of the results we provide are used to create marketing and PR material. Recently, our partner Bloomreach used Upwave data to power, as PR Director Sam Moore said, “The most successful PR campaign in our history, reaching every major American market.”

Bloomreach wanted to create a piece of high-quality, original content to share at an industry conference, with a dual goal of starting conversations with prospects and generating media coverage. They launched an Upwave study asking consumers how they searched for products online and discovered that nearly half began on Amazon. From their results, Bloomreach created their ‘State of Amazon and Web Personalization Study,’ and immediately set off a barrage of press coverage unseen by anyone in their company in the past.

From Bloomreach’s Upwave data, they generated 2 national TV broadcasts including The Today Show, 98 regional news broadcasts, and multiple mentions on CBS MoneyWatch Radio. They received coverage from outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Internet Retailer, Venturebeat, CNBC, Forbes, Time, and more. Also, they were able to generate over 200,000 social media mentions in the first week of their PR launch alone. They have even redesigned their homepage to highlight findings from their Upwave data.

Bloomreach redesigned homepage - Upwave

The business results of their PR campaign are similarly impressive. They have generated a measurable increase in new customers and inbound from quality customer prospects. The coverage also allowed them to launch the most successful webinar they had even launched and created a major industry call to provide updates and further research results in the future.

“If any organization is looking for a company that provides the quality of the big boys with the commitment of a startup,” Moore says, “then the Upwave team is your only choice.”

We’re always excited to see Upwave data used effectively by our clients, both as proprietary research, as well as for use in marketing and PR campaigns. If you are looking to leverage top-notch market research in your campaigns, get in touch now!