There are two ways for advertisers and their tech partners to respond to the growth of privacy safeguards such as Chrome’s planned deprecation of 3rd-party cookie support and Apple’s planned changes to IDFA.

On the one hand, advertising platforms can resist the arrival of privacy safeguards by using workarounds that are ultimately short-lived. When adtech companies purport to use something like “passive, probabilistic technology to construct cookieless privacy-safe identity on the edge,” you can be sure they are using fingerprinting in a futile cat-and-mouse game that will leave you switching adtech partners every 6-12 months.

On the other hand, advertising platforms can welcome privacy safeguards as exciting opportunities to develop new, better products for customers. At Upwave, we have dived head-first into the vast pool of opportunities created by new privacy safeguards. We are excited to share some of the ways brand outcome measurement will actually be more accurate as a result. One of these developments—household-level intercept—will happen in the coming weeks and months.


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